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East Tennessee – A Top Retirement Destination!

When people think of retirement destinations, they don’t always think of Tennessee, but they should! In our opinion, it’s a no-brainer, and here are five reasons why you should consider eastern Tennessee for your retirement.

  1. Temperate weather – East Tennessee is in that sweet spot of the United States where you get four distinct seasons, but they’re all usually quite mild. Want to see snow? You’ll get to see some without shoveling for hours every morning. Love watching the leaves change? Every fall, the colors shift beautifully. And with a cool spring and a just-warm-enough summer, you’ll get the best of all worlds without those extreme temperatures elsewhere (we’re looking at you, Florida).
  2. No income tax – With a cost of living lower than the national average (including lower than both North and South Carolina), and no state income tax, your dollar goes a lot further in Tennessee! The state sales tax doesn’t apply to prescriptions, and the local and state tax burden is the third-lowest in the nation. Being able to stretch that retirement dollar means enjoying more about what life has to offer!
  3. Beautiful scenery – from the roaring rivers to the snow-capped mountains, Tennessee is the very definition of “picturesque,” filled with natural beauty at every turn. And with a bevy of historical landmarks and cities within a few hours’ drive, you can change your scenery every weekend if you’d like (but who’d want to?)
  4. A thriving music and sports scene – Not only is Tennessee the birthplace of country music, it’s home to founders and pioneers of soul, blues, gospel, rockabilly, and of course, good old rock ‘n’ roll! No matter what you shake your hips to, you’ll find it playing live at venues and watering holes scattered throughout the countryside. And if you’re more of a sports fan, there are major teams playing, all within spittin’ distance!
  5. Excellent healthcare – Now more than ever, having access to good doctors and good hospitals is essential for everyone’s well-being, not just those at retirement age! The entire Southeast is filled with hospitals known for their innovation and dedication to healthcare, and practicing physicians have spread throughout East Tennessee to set up their practices. 

Find out for yourself – come check out the sights, tour the beautiful homes that are right in your price range, and find out why the retirement generation is discovering East Tennessee as the utopia that it is! Explore our featured listings and contact us with any questions about properties or living in this beautiful area.

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