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Retiring in the 21st Century – this is not your parents’ retirement!

In the past, retirement had a dour feel to it. A couple would retire and move to a community far from home that provided every amenity. They’d rarely leave and would just sit there for family to visit, waiting for the inevitable. The possibilities seemed limited and dark.

Welcome to 2021, when retirement is no longer the dark and lonely path it seems like it used to be. It’s a time to “right-size” instead of “down-size” and find the home that suits your lifestyle but still feels like a home to you. Retirees today aren’t looking for their “forever home” – they’re searching for a “right-now home” that may suit them for 5, 10, even 15-20 more years before they decide to move on to somewhere else. When you retire in our current society, you stay active – traveling across the country or even the world. Facetime with family instead of waiting for them to make the effort to come visit, and live your life on your terms! 

When you retire, your life isn’t over. You’re simply starting a new phase of your long life – one filled with freedom, travel, adventures, and the chance to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Embrace it! With your “right-now” home in East Tennessee, you’ll be close to amazing destinations throughout the Eastern seaboard and Midwest. Museums, cultural events, sports, history, and the best of Americana is all within a plane flight or day’s drive. You can attend the family reunions and weddings in between hiking and camping and whitewater rafting, or sightseeing and pursuing new hobbies. Today’s world is your oyster when you retire, and here at Blue Vista Realty, we want to help you harvest those pearls!

Part of our job as the best real estate agency in East Tennessee isn’t just selling houses. It’s finding genuine homes for people, giving guidance and assistance as we welcome you to our community. If you have any questions about life after working that 9-to-5, we can help! Contact us today to find out more about finding that “right-now” home for the next phase in your life!