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What does retirement mean to you?

It’s 2021! Thanks to modern technology and advances in healthcare, retirement just means finally having the freedom to do what you’ve worked so hard and saved for so long to do! Here are some ways you can appreciate your retirement in the years to come.

Retirement is . . . taking a roadtrip from your beautiful newly-purchased East Tennessee home to the Pacific Northwest for 30 days, stopping at every roadside attraction, visiting every tourist trap, taking pictures at every “Welcome to” state sign, and crossing off states from your “never visited” list.

Retirement is . . . buying a new home that’s not a down-sized property but one more perfectly suited to having visitors, and creating a new place for grandchildren to visit every vacation, where they could feel comfortable and safe, explore the countryside, and learn.

Retirement is . . . cruising around the world for six months, visiting exotic ports of call, trying cuisine from every country, dancing the nights away, and having a home back in East Tennessee ready for you when you return.

Retirement is . . . picking up a new hobby and falling in love with the world one day at a time, whether you’re golfing, or crocheting, writing the great American novel, or learning how to plant a garden in your new backyard until dinner comes from the vegetables you grew with your own two hands.

Retirement is . . . reading a book a day, doing the crossword every morning in pen, watching movies that make you smile and laugh, trying every new restaurant, drinking great wine, and celebrating life in all of its richness.

What does retirement mean to you? What are you looking forward to doing during your best years? Contact us and let us help!